How to Deal With Winter Colds: 5 Ways

Did you know that humans harbor around 1,500 germs on every square centimeter of their skin? If you ever needed more motivation to remember to wash your hands regularly, this fact can help you stay clean. Even if you have the best personal hygiene habits, you can still get sick at any time. Winter is a … Continued

How to Treat Cuts and Scratches Quickly

Cutting yourself at home can be painful and frustrating. You know you need to care for the wound, but if you don’t know how, you can risk getting an infection. And going to the doctor can be time-consuming and expensive when you only have a small cut. Minor cuts and scratches can be handled at … Continued

Burn Relief: How to Treat a Steam Burn

Feeling the burn? Hopefully not!  Unfortunately, accidents happen. While getting any type of burn is unpleasant, it’s important to know how to treat a burn. Otherwise, you might end up in the hospital later to receive the treatment you truly need. Approximately 486,000 burn injuries receive medical treatment at hospitals, community health centers, or private … Continued